Welcome to the 10th Masonic District of the Grand Jurisdiction of New Jersey

In the tenth district you will find 7 lodges of various size. We collectively maintain around 3000 Mason members. Our lodges meet regularly, and usually have programs or presentations that add value to being a mason, and promote the imagination of the leadership of each lodge, and the future leaders of the fraternity. In our District you will find well educated brethren, who take their masonry seriously, and have very good ritual capabilities. As we are 7, you will also discover 7 different cultures, and experiences. The membership gets along well, and enjoys their company when together.

Whether you are a newly raised Brother Master Mason, or 70 years a member, the fellowship and camaraderie is a treasure to behold. Please join us whenever you may be in the area.

As my tenure as District Deputy is coming to a close, I would be remiss to not thank the Brethren, officer’s past, present, and future, for the support and fun we have had these past 6 years. The meetings, solid ritual, fine cigars and single malts have allowed the fraternity to flourish. I am proud of the districts dedication to each other, and humankind in general. You are true gentlemen.


Michael Holt